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Gastrogender, also known as Gastrongender, Foodgender, Nutriencegender, Foodic and Genderfood, is an aesthetigender that is generally related to food. It serves as an umbrella term for all food-related genders. Genders under this umbrella are usually described through means more typically associated with food over gender, such as describing one's gender as spicy, sweet, savory or any other flavors over the more common descriptors such as masculine or feminine.

Gastrogenders may be connected to flavors associated with food, or may be connected to food purely through aesthetics, texture or shape. The loose definition of the term allows any foods with connections to food, beverages or flavor to be considered gastrogenders. The term also occasionally serves to mean that one's gender is affected by the foods or drinks they consume.

Alternate Names

  • Gastrongender
  • Foodgender
  • Nutriencegender
  • Foodic
  • Genderfood


The term gastrogender comes from the root word gastronomy, a Greek-derived word defined as the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food. It is suffixed with the popular gender suffix -gender. The alternative name of gastrongender comes from the same root.

The terms foodgender, foodic and genderfood all come from the root word food, taking a more literal path in their etymology. The term nutriencegender comes from the root word nutrients, referring to food.



  • A fluid gender experience that is dependent/influenced on an individual’s eating habits, regardless of their culture/society’s assumptions on what kind of food is “manly” or “chick food” - jhendurs, 2015[1]
  • It’s a group of genders which encompasses the properties of a flavor or type of food. - mogai-moth, 2019[2]
  • Foodgender also called Nutriencegender is when a gender is validated or closely related to food. - Vkgfjlmvfjkvmfkgvfk, 2020[3]
  • An umbrella term for any genders related to food or beverages (essentially a replacement term for Gastrogender) - mogai-monarchs, 2020[4]
  • A xenogender related to food, which can be any type of food and may include beverages. A synonym or possible replacement for gastrogender. - Ez, 2021[5]


Gastrogender was coined on October 1st of 2015 by Tumblr user jhendurs, a known troll.[1] The term was likely coined in bad faith, though it was reclaimed several years later on October 6th of 2019, popularized after Tumblr user mogai-moth created and posted a flag for the term with a new definition.[2] This definition would become the most well-known definition for the term, causing the term to grow into an umbrella term for all similar terms that fit the new definition. The term would later be recoined as foodgender by FANDOM user Vkgfjlmvfjkvmfkgvfk on December 23rd of 2020, further broadening the definition of the term.[3]

On January 26th of 2019, Mason proposed the term genderfood on his Tumblr page. While no definition was provided, it was assumed that this term fell into the category of gastrogender.[6] On September 26th of 2020, Tumblr user mogai-monarchs proposed an alternative name for the term in the form of gastrongender.[4] Another replacement name was proposed by Ez on March 16th of 2021 in the form of foodic, with an alternative flag proposed alongside it.[5]



The term gastrogender was originally coined by a troll, which may make one uncomfortable with using the word to describe themselves. However, the term has been widely and fully reclaimed in recent years, leading its origins to be left in the past.

Related Terms


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