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Ambigender is specific type of bigender in which one experiences exactly two static genders. Those genders are experienced simultaneously, with no fluidity or fluctuating.

Ambigender individuals can be a combination of any two genders, including non-binary genders. For example, an ambigender individual could be female and neutrois.

It can also relate to an ambiguous gender, or a sort of gender ambivalence.[1]


  • Ambigender is a subset of bigender. Some bigender people go between two genders (bigenderfluid) and some just experience both at the same time with no change (ambigender). - Kai, 2018 [2]


Ambigender was coined sometime in the early 1990s[3] and became more popular in the 2010s. It appeared in a 2010 dictionary[4] and started circulating in online LGBTQ+ communities soon afterwards.

The flags were made by DeviantArt user Pride-Flags on August 17th, 2015.[5][6]



According the 2022 Gender Census, 0.02% (n=8) people identified as ambigender. [7]