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Aporagender is a nonbinary gender or genders which is separate from being a man, woman, or anything in between, while still having a strong and specific gendered feeling or internal sense of gender. Aporagender individuals are not a combination or between man and woman, nor are they genderless or agender. Aporagender is used both as an umbrella term and as a stand-alone gender. It is similar to neutrois for some definitions used for neutrois,[2] abinary, and atrinary. Most aporagenders are abinary and atrinary as well.

Alternate Names


Apora- from the Greek root apor- or apo-, meaning separate[3] + gender, a common suffix for genders to signify they are genders.


  • Phonetic: Ah-pour-ah-jender
  • IPA: {{{IPA}}}


  • Aporagender is a term recently coined by me, meaning a gender separate from male, female, and anything in between while still having a very strong and specific gendered feeling.
    Even if you donโ€™t fit the definition exactly, you can still ID as aporagender. Everyone experiences gender differently, so itโ€™d be strange to think anyone would fit the definition perfectly.
    Aporagender is a nonbinary identity and an umbrella term.
    - Aporagender, 2014[1]
  • Aporagender is a term newly coined, meaning a gender separate from male, female, and anything in between while still having a very strong and specific gendered feeling. I have a checklist for if your gender if[sic] aporagender:
    1. Your sense of gender is stronger than that is โ€œnormalโ€ (I hate saying normal to describe this but I canโ€™t think of a better way to do it)
    2. Your gender is completely and totally not male or female
    - Aporagender, 2014 (previous definition)[4]
  • Aporagender refers to a gender that is not male, not female, and not between male or female or a variant of them. It is also a specific gendered feeling โ€“ not the absence of one, like agender and related variants. It is a distinct gender feeling/identity that stands apart from the binary completely. - Mod Lune of wedontcareaboutyourbinary[5]


Aporagender was coined on the Tumblr blog Aporagender mid-2014. It was coined as an alternative to aliagender, due to concerns that aliagender might be racist or appropriative.[6] It is distinguished from aliagender by specifying aporagender individuals have a particularly strong gendered feeling.[7]



Examples of people actually identifying with this label or the definition of it go here. There are definitely gender census stats for this...[citation needed]


Perceptions and Discrimination

Aporagender may face transphobia and nonbinaryphobia. They may have the existence of their gender(s) denied by bigots who don't believe in nonbinary genders.

Related Terms

For a comprehensive list, see the category: AIN.


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The respective meanings of the flag designs are listed below.
Blue & Pink have been put on either end of the flag to show that you feel your gender is โ€œawayโ€ from these two colours, stereotyped as blue being masculine and pink being feminine.

Purple to represent as feeling between male and female.

Yellow to represent how the gender is nothing like being female, male or both, but is also placed close enough to blue, purple and pink to show that itโ€™s still connected strongly to some sort of specific gender.

Yellow also represents how itโ€™s a non-binary identity.

โ€” Mod Lex of pride-flags-for-us, also known as hyaenahart on Tumblr[8][9]

Yellow and green are two colors that are equally strongly associated with non-binary identity that stands completely separate from a pink/blue female/male point of reference.

Teal refers here to the validity of aporagender identities that may SEEM similar to maleness/masculinity or femaleness/femininity, but are distinctly their own separate gender feelings.

I chose the black diagonal stripe in opposition to white, which frequently references lack, absence or void; here, Iโ€™m using black to signify the presence of a specific gender feeling. Its diagonal orientation refers to the existence of these genders on a plane completely distinct from the binary.

โ€” Mod Lune of wedontcareaboutyourbinary[5]