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Boygirl (or Girlboy, Guygal, Galguy and sometimes shortened to Birl or Burl) refers to someone who identifies as both a Male and a Female (or a Guy and a Gal in the case of Guygal), is connected to both boyhood and girlhood, or whose identity is so interconnected it cannot be separated.

They may identify partially or entirely as a boy and partially or entirely as a girl. They may experience these genders simultaneously or their gender can be fluid or flux. One may also identify as Bigender or Androgyne.

It could be distinguished or used interchangeably with Man-Woman, Male-Female, or Werwifgender. Some people identifies with them interchangeably, some people will make the distinction between female/male with woman/man, some people will use Boygirl but not Man-Woman because they feel they are distinctive, some people just have a preference of terms, and a variety of other reasons for people to distinguish between them or not.

Alternate Names

  • Boygirl/Girlboy
  • Guygal/Galguy
  • Boygurl/Gurlboy
  • Birl/Burl


  • Boi-ɡərl/Gərl-boi
  • Gī-gal/Gal-ɡī
  • Boi-ɡərl/Gərl-boi
  • Bərl/Bərl


  • Someone who is both Boy and Girl, connected to both Boyhood and Girlhood, or whose identity is too interconnected to be separated. -2021


The term was in use prior to 19 January 2019.[1][citation needed]

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A Birl flag was created in a batch alongside other combination genders on January 26, 2019 by tumblr user Imoga-Pride.[1] It combines pink and blue, traditionally "girl" and "boy" colors.

A Boygirl flag was designed by tumblr and Wiki user FlippingPancake sometime before July 13, 2021.[2] The blue are for boy/boyhood, pink for girl/girlhood, purple for the combination of boy and girl and the interconnection of them into one identity, and white to make it more aesthetically pleasing. One uses the bigender/male-female gender symbol and the other is plain.