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The bxy flag.

Bxy (pronounced Boy-X) also known as Mxn (pronounced Man-X), can be used in two different ways. The first way is a gender that is both male and agender/greygender or otherwise genderless. There are several ways one can be a bxy, such as:

  1. Being multigender, with one gender being agender and one being boy.
  2. Being agender or greygender but being slightly a boy or having a connection to masculinity, similar to demiboy or libramasculine.
  3. Being genderflux between feeling male and not feeling gender.
  4. If one was assigned female at birth, one may also identify as a trans bxy.

The second way is less common, and is using the word as a label rather than a gender, as an alternative way to say agender boy.

The feminine equivalent is gxrl.


Bxy was coined by sadghostbxy on Tumblr sometime before January 28, 2017.[1]


The bxy flag was designed by @sadghostbxy. The flag colors are a combination of the agender flag and transmasculine flag.[1]