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File:Cadengender HD.webp
the cadensgender flag.
File:Cadengender blank.png
the cadensgender flag without the emblem

Cadensgender is an mutogender and audiogender in which one is genderfluid and their gender is easily influenced by the music they are listening to. For example they may feel they are agender normally, but when listening to music they are a boy. In this case cadensgender could be used as a prefix for other gender terms (cadensboy, cadensgirl, etc.)

Some people may feel their gender is influenced based on the type of music they're listening to. For example, they could be a boy when listening to pop music, but a demigirl when listening to classical music.

Cadensgender should not be confused with musicagender, where one's gender is described as being, or being like a particular type of music, whereas with cadensgender one's gender if influenced by music, but is not described as the music. This may also be a type of artgender.

Cadensgender can be a gender on it's own but their are several subcategories if one's gender in influenced by one genre in particular. These include but are not limited to: