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Coric refers to aesthetigenders that are based around established "core" aesthetics. It is commonly used as a suffix.


  • Phonetic: kOR-ik
  • IPA: kɔrɪk


  • "Coric," which is a xenogender related to some sort of "core." - Submitter "Hi" on Beyond-Mogai-Pride-Flags, 2019[1]

The original anonymous submitter of the term later specified in an ask that -coric is for genders based on established "core" aesthetics only, not for general aesthetics.[2]

Hi hi!! Person who coined Coric here! Uh really sorry to have send these asks to you, but I figured it would be the best place since I submitted the terms here. I wanted to clear some things up about Coric genders since I have been seeing a lot of misinformation being spread around and it is bugging the absolute shite out of me!! So 1- there is no Coric if there is no "core"! I think this would be pretty obvious but its okay if you were misinformed! So lets say that your gender is related (1/?)

to…lets say tires. So your gender could be Tirecoric right? Bzzt! Nope! If you look up “tirecore” you get nothing, so Tirecoric can’t be a thing! At least not until tirecore is a thing, but until then Tirecoric can’t exist. So you would use Tiregender or sumthin instead. Ok so onto 2- anyone can identify as a Coric gender! They arent neurogenders or anything, they’re more like aesthetic genders. The only requirement for identifying as a Coric gender is saying you do. Thats it! (2/?)

Sorry again for sending you all these asks but its been really bugging me seeing people hand out rules for genders that I coined lmao. So uh yah hopefully that clears things up. I am really glad its caught on though! The more Coric people the better!! (3/3)

— Anonymous ask to Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags, Wednesday, May 1st 2019

Despite this, some genders that use the -coric suffix may not fit this criteria, which may be because of the suffix's origins being misunderstood. The -aesic suffix was coined to be a similar substitution.


Coric was coined by a submitter named "Hi" to the Tumblr blog Beyond-Mogai-Pride-Flags on February 15, 2019.[1] The same submitter returned in three asks May 1st of 2019.[2]

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The 11 stripe flag was posted by Mod Fy of Beyond-Mogai-Pride-Flags on February 20, 2019.[3] The alternate flag was designed by The Anomaly. The heart in the flag comes from how "core" comes from heart. It was designed to not use many colors to look aesthetically pleasing and this is because most coric aesthetics don't use many colors and because the preexisting flag can contribute to sensory overload. The blue, pink, and white are in reference to the transgender flag.[citation needed]