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Cusper is a Gender Modality defined by feeling like one is on the "cusp" between being transgender and a gender non-conforming cisgender person or between binary genders in general; for example, feeling like one's experiences and feeling towards their gender falls between being a trans man and a butch lesbian.[1]

One might not feel like either label solely defines them and their experiences, like both identities are important to them and inseparable to each other, like their identity encompasses elements of the traditional definition of both labels, or like their identity exists at the intersection of both experiences.

Cuspers may transition partly, and be known as either gender in different contexts of their life, such as passing as a man at the workplace, but also being comfortable with being called their significant other's girlfriend.

Other examples of people who might feel the term cusper fits them are:

  • A gender non-conforming gay man who takes estrogen, has undergone top surgery and refers to themselves as a woman sometimes, but prefers not to have any other procedures or pass fully as a woman.
  • A butch lesbian who uses he/him pronouns, has undergone bottom surgery and changed his legal gender, but is comfortable with being referred to and proudly identifies as a butch lesbian and as a woman in certain contexts. [1]

It should be noted that this term was originally popularized by TERFs,[citation needed] but as the definition is neutral in nature, it can be considered a reclaimed term.


The original cusper flag was designed by Tumblr user Cusperwiki on June 25, 2020.[3] The color meanings are as follows: Dark purple represents men loving men, dark blue represents trans masculinity, light blue represents a connection to womanhood, white represents unity and transition, light pink represents a connection to manhood, reddish pink represents trans femininity, and magenta represents women loving women.

In August and September 2020, Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags designed nonbinary and hetero cusper flags.