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Demiaesthetic is an Aspec (specifically Anaspec) orientation where one experiences aesthetic attraction to a person after they have developed an emotional connection to them. What counts as a "close connection" can vary between Demiaesthetics. Forming an emotional bond with someone does not mean that one is automatically attracted to said person, as it just means there's now a possibility for one to feel attraction.

Some Demiaesthetics may choose to further define their orientation in terms of genders they are attracted to (Demipanaesthetic, Demiheteroesthetic, etc.). Others do not find this necessary, or feel that they have enough experiences of aesthetic attraction to figure out who they’re attracted to.


The prefix demi- means "half" or "partial". The prefix is also used in words such as demigod.



The term Demiaesthetic, presumably, came after Demisexual and A-aesthetic/Anaspec identities became more known.



The Demiaesthetic flags listed below are modeled after existing Demisexual flags.