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Genderdiverse is a nonbinary gender identity where the user experiences two or more gender identities with varying intensities, often expressed through precentages or fractions.[citation needed]

For example, someone who is genderdiverse could be 54% female, 20% male & 14% abinary (such as neutrois), & 2% xenic.

People who use this gender can consider themselves under the trans umbrella, but it is up to the individual user. They can also be of any alignment.

There is no limit to the amount of genders allowed in the genderdiverse label. Users of this identity can also use demigenders, multigenders, and genderfluidity in the label. As an example, someone could be 50% genderfluid 30% bigender, and 20% demiboy.

Genderdiversity could also be expressed through demigenders, or multigenders. However, genderdiverse is more specific and specifies of what percentage of genders your identity makes up rather than having to use multiple labels. For example, someone identifying as a paraboy and librafeminine. If the person is multigender, then the label genderdiverse allows the user to specify what genders make up what percentage of their identity.



The genderdiverse pride flag consists if six colors. Blue (male/masculine aligned), green/turquoise (xenic/xenine aligned), yellow (abinary/abinary aligned), white (agender/demigenders), purple (androgyne/non-binary), and pink (female/feminine aligned)

A flag consisting of six stripes. Top to bottom, they are : Blue, Green or Turquloise, Yellow, White, Purple, and Pink
Main Genderdiverse flag.
Alternate Genderdiverse Pride flag.