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File:Genderfae Pride Flag.svg
The genderfae flag.

Genderfae is a form of genderfluidity that never encompasses male or masculine genders. It is part of the Genderfluid Fragment Gender System. Genderfae individuals can be fluid between any range of feminine genders, unaligned or neutral genders (such as aporagender), or genderlessness, etc but they never experience masculine genders. Genderfae is sometimes considered a non-masculine subset of fluidflux or genderfluid.

The masculine counterpart to genderfae is genderfaun. Variants of genderfae include genderfaer, in which one can experience masculine genders but is never a binary man, and genderselkie, where the nonbinary genders experienced are often xenic.

Genderfae is not to be confused with faegender, which is a gender that changes with the seasons.

Alternate names

  • Genderdoe[1]
  • Genderthil


The term was supposedly coined anonymously in 2014, on the now defunct blog "mogai-archive". The genderfae flag was designed by the users Pride-flags and Superpopcorn101 on Deviantart on January 9, 2017[2]. The colors don't have individual meanings, but the range purposefully doesn't include blue to indicate never including masculine genders. A pastel color scheme was used to give the flag a more "fae" feeling.[3] Another alternative flag was created by @aliencatgender on Tumblr on or before August 23rd 2021[4]

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Exclusionists falsely claim that using the word "fae" is cultural appropriation, which has prompted some to coin alternative terms like genderdoe and genderthil to avoid using it.