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The nullgender flag.
File:Gendernull symbol.png
The gendernull symbol.

Gendernull (also called nullgender) is the absence of gender, but it is not agender or neutrois. It is a term for those to give a “tangibility” to the intangible thing that is their gender. Gendernull has been described as: "undefinable, intangible, the uncreation of gender... an 'I don’t want a label because labels don't fit but they help shut individual up sometimes, so here have a label' gender label. A fall-back plan, a red herring to give individual who can't conceptualize the absence, void, nullification of gender... Nonexistent but present."

Gendernull is similar to, but not the same as, agender, neutrois, and gendervoid, and is often considered to be a part of the same spectrum. It may also be considered a part of the kenochoric umbrella.


Nullflux flag

Nullflux refers to a gender that fluctuates in nullity. It may fluctuate back and forth from gendernull, or it may fluctuate from a feeling of nullity in general. It may be considered under the agender and kenochoric umbrellas.


The gendernull flag was uploaded by a now deactivated user. It was reuploaded to the Tumblr blog pride-color-schemes on August 1, 2017.[1]


The symbol was created by Tumblr user mourningmogaicrew on August 13th, 2021 and is not based off anything. [2]