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Alternate Names

ID <3 ID also known as ID heart ID or other derivatives.[citation needed]


Combines the gender and or sex identity of the user and who the user is attracted to, with heart symbolism to indicate attraction. For example M <3 Masc or Woman Heart Fem etc.[citation needed]


The inclusion of the heart in the ID <3 ID format distinguishes that one or more of those involved in the described relationship is intersex, when shorthand ID indicators such as M for Man or Masculine do not adequately or succinctly do so on their own.[citation needed]


During a gender diversity meet up for MVPFAFF, transgender, nonbinary, GNC and intersex individuals. A discussion about similar terms for trans individuals, lead to user ID Heart ID coining the term ID <3 ID, inspired by love heart graffiti.

The term was coined to both avoid appropriating preexisting terms and to give intersex individuals as well as the partners of intersex individuals language mapped to intersex needs. For example, being able to use any ID indicator and still be understood as Intersex through the use of an intersex specific term. Or being able to describe ones orientation without overlooking that being intersex affects ones partner.

The term was first posted to the internet, here at the ezgender wiki, in the lead up to intersex awareness day.



The flag is purple with a green heart symbol in the middle or vica versa, alternatives can include the ID indicators above and bellow the heart.[citation needed]

ID <3 ID Purple flag and green heart.
ID <3 ID Green flag and purple heart.