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Isogender is a Gender Modality that refers to when one is not Cis, but also does not identify as Trans either.[1]

Some examples of people who may identify as Isogender include:

  • A Bigender, or otherwise Multigender person who doesn't feel Trans because a significant portion of their gender is the same as their assigned gender.
  • A Nonbinary person who does not feel Trans because their gender or gender presentation is similar to their assigned gender as birth. For example, a feminine aligned Nonbinary person who is AFAB.
  • An Agender, or otherwise Genderless person who does not feel like Trans describes them due to their lack of gender.


The prefix iso- comes from the word isomer, as Cis and Trans are isomer types.



  • Isogender (iso): for people who aren’t cis, but don’t identify as trans. - Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags, 2018
  • Isogender is a term that basically means someone who isn’t cisgender or transgender, or doesnt identify with either label - Isogender, 2020


Isogender was coined by an Anonymous ask sent to tumblr blog Bigendering on June 9, 2017.[2]



The Isogender flag was made by Tumblr blog Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags at May 20, 2018.[3]

An alternate flag was created and submitted to Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags on August 31, 2018 by an anonymous user.[4] The blue, purple, and pink represents male and/or masculine, female and/or feminine, and people who may be a mix of both. The white represents Agender individuals or otherwise a lack of gender. The greyscale gradient represents the intensity someone may experience particular genders (Demigenders, Partial genders, etc).

Two tweaked Isogender flags were created by Tumblr user Noname-Nonamorous on August 24, 2021 from Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags' design.[5] The flag took the original Isogender flag and adjusted the colors, made to look less bright and easier on the eyes. One of the flag features a disk symbol, coming from how Iso, the shortening of Isogender, is also a disk file type.


Anonymous asked: This isn't a question, just me being a nerd, but since I'm bigender (woman and nonbinary) and I'm AFAB, I don't really feel trans because my gender isn't GOING anywhere, at least, that's how I feel, but I'd prefer they/them so I'm not cis exactly, so I now use "iso" to describe myself because it comes from isomer and cis and trans are isomer types. aaaanyway, I hope you're having a good day

"Ooh I love it! (Biology nerd here)
Would iso be a good term for anyone who doesn’t feel either cis or trans, or for anyone who doesn’t feel cis?"

— Kai of Bigendering, Tumblr June 2017