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Kingender is a gender identity and umbrella term used to describe someone whose experience of gender is related to or influenced by their kintype.

The identity is exclusive to those who identify as otherkin, because the gender of individuals who identify as kingender is intertwined with their non-human identity.


The term comes from "kin," as in "otherkin," and "gender."




  • an umbrella term for otherkin who get their gender mainly/fully from their kintype - aroacehawkeye, 2014[1]
  • Kingender is a catch-all term for individuals who’s gender is closely related to their kintype - pridearchive, 2014[2]
  • the only thing defining your gender is your kintype - MOGAI-archive, 2014[3]
  • An umbrella term for anyone who's gender has to do with or is influenced by their kintype - Pride-Flags, 2015[4]
  • Kingender: A catch-all term used to describe people whose gender(s) are related to them being otherkin, or are somehow influenced by it. - pride-color-schemes, 2016[5]
  • Your gender is in some way related to your being Otherkin, be it the gender(s) of your kintype(s) or something else. - nova-pride-flags, ~2016[6]


First Coining and Flag

The first mention of kingender as an identity came from Tumblr user aroacehawkeye on or before July 8th, 2014[1]. Aroacehawkeye initially proposed an umbrella term for otherkin who get their gender mainly or fully from their kintype, with kingender as a name for it.

Also on or before July 8th, 2014, aroacehawkeye posted a design for a kingender flag[7]. This flag has four stripes-- yellow, blue, purple, and pink-- and two symbols. On the left is a seven-pointed star (sometimes refered to as the elven star) commonly used in the otherkin community, and on the right is the Theta-Delta symbol, a combination of the Greek letters Theta and Delta, which is the most widely used symbol for therianthropy. The colors have no confirmed meaning, but there had been previous versions of the design, and aroacehawkeye added the yellow stripe to represent non-binary genders.

On or before July 9th, 2014, tumblr user Pridearchive reposted aroacehawkeye's kingender flag, giving a slightly different definition for the term, describing it as "a catch-all term for individuals who’s [sic] gender is closely related to their kintype."[2] Do note that in the post, Pridearchive says that the seven-pointed star represents therians and the Theta-Delta symbol represents all otherkin. This was most likely a mix-up, as the seven-pointed star and the Theta-Delta symbol are traditionally associated with otherkin and therians, respectively.

MOGAI-Archive/sadvaporwavebabe Coining

On or before July 25th, 2014, Tumblr blog mogai-archive made a kingender post and gave the definition as "the only thing defining your gender is your kintype."[3] Tumblr user sadvaporwavebabe was credited as the coiner. Later that year, on or before August 12, 2014, the person behind the sadvaporwavebabe blog said that they were trolling in their posts and interactions with the blog, that their posts shouldn't be taken seriously, and that they were sorry[8]. It can be assumed that their submission to mogai-archive was an act of trolling. However, that does not mean that otherkin who feel that sadvaporwavebabe's kingender definition defines them should not use the term.

Pride-Flags/Pastelmember Flag

Currently the most widely recognized and used kingender flag was posted by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt on September 7th, 2015[4]. In the description, DeviantArt user Pastelmemer was credited as the designer. Like aroacehawkeye's original flag, this flag also has four stripes-- yellow, blue, purple, and pink-- and due to this similarity it is possible that this design was based on the original flag. However, the stripes on this flag are much paler, and instead of having the seven-pointed star and the Theta-Delta symbol, this flag only has a black seven-pointed star in the center. This flag's description references sadvaporwavebabe as the coiner of kingender.

Other Flags

Sometime before July 9th, 2016, kingender was posted to Tumblr blog nova-pride-flags with a new flag[6]. This flag has 7 stripes; two black, two purple, two green, and one brown in the center. The flag has a small seven-pointed star in the center of the brown stripe. The blog's "about" page states that the mods recreate some flags based on their sensory issues[9]. Nova-pride-flags was credited as the designer of this flag on the kingender post on pride-color-schemes[5], so it can be assumed that this flag was created by one or both of the mods based on their sensory issues.

On January 6th, 2021, FANDOM user Cryptocrew posted two alternate designs for kingender[10]. The first flag has 11 stripes; two yellow, two pink, two purple, two blue, and three white. In the center is a grey shape with a black outline resembling a person. The second flag is the same, but without the grey shape in the center. The color meanings are as follows:

  • Light gold: Mythical kintypes
  • Yellow: Fiction character/being/concept kintypes
  • Light pink: Prehistoric kintypes
  • Dark pink: Land-related kintypes
  • Pale purple: Having multiple kingenders
  • Dark purple: Multi-biome kintypes (e.g. amphibians who live in water and on land)
  • Light blue: Aquatic kintypes
  • Dark blue: Flying or sky-based kintypes
  • Black: Feeling misplaced or knowing your outward body doesn't match your true identity

On February 14th, 2021, DeviantArt user Pride-Flags posted another kingender flag[11]. This one features the same yellow, blue, purple, and pink stripes as the first, though the purple is darker and much more saturated, and instead of having a black seven-pointed star this flag features a black stripe in between the purple and pink, bringing the total to five instead of four. Like the first kingender flag on Pride-Flags, this flag's description references sadvaporwavebabe as the coiner of kingender.

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