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Lemondemongender is a musicagender specifically relating to Lemon Demon.



  • A Lemon Demon musicagender, a gender related in some fashion to Lemon Demon; An umbrella term for genders related to Lemon Demon songs (ex; touchtoneic, atthepartygender, etc).[1] - Ezgender, 2021


It is unclear when or by who lemondemongender was first coined, but when a new flag was posted on January 11th, 2021, the poster stated they believed it may have been in 2019 or 2020.[1] According to a tweet, Twitter user mlmishimaru is the coiner, but there are no sources for this beyond this tweet.[2]

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"The deep red (#550219) symbolizes violence and horror, common themes in Lemon Demon songs, and is sampled from the artwork of the official “Between The Frames” LP release of View-Monster.

The pink (#EA6A70) symbolizes love for Lemon Demon, and is sampled from the View-Monster LP also.

The light blue (#968FCB) is for mystery, and is sampled from Clown Circus, Lemon Demon’s first album.

The dark blue (#4D449B) is for randomness and obsurdity and also comes from Clown Circus!"[1]