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Lexegender is a xenogender best described with a word or multiple words due to neurodivergency. One's gender may not actually be related to the word's meaning, but the word itself describes one's gender.

Lexic is a similar suffix, however it is not exclusive to neurodivergent people[citation needed]


  • When your gender is easier to describe with words / a word due to neurodivergency; your gender may not actually be related to what the word means, however the word itself adequately describes one’s gender. for example, ones gender may be adequately described by the word “bunny”, however that person’s gender may not actually be related to bunnies at all! this term may also be used as an umbrella term for other lexegenders! - pupyzu, 2021[1]


Lexegender was coined on June 15, 2021 by Tumblr user pupyzu.[1]

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