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File:Liongender flag.png
Liongender flag without symbol
Alternate liongender flag
File:Alternative liongender flag .png
Alternate liongender flag without symbol

Liongender is a Xenogender identity and a subgender of Catgender, that is defined by someone's gender being related or connected to lions, this might be through identifying with them or simply feeling that one's gender is better understood through them.

Liongender was originally created as a "sort of a happy encompassing of male, agender, genderqueer, genderfluid, and nonbinary"[1]. The gender involves a feeling of multiple identities and is "aesthetically associated with a masc-presenting sense of luxury, chivalry and majesty"[1].

This identity is miaspec and the fiaspec version is called lionessgender.


The first mention of liongender dates back to 2019, primarily august 30th, the coiner being Tumblr user liongender who created this gender identity mostly for themselves, but allowed anybody else who felt the term resonates with them could use it as well.

On October 11th 2020, Twitter user Sonicrocks_152 made a new flag[2], this one being popularized to the point of being the most well-known liongender flag[citation needed].


There are many variations of the liongender flag and the first flag made by Tumblr user liongender was posted on August 30, 2019[1], it has seven stripes.

Blue represents masculinity, nobility and honor. Black, white and gray gradient represents fluidity of self and identity, and acceptance of self. Gold represents  authority, royalty, pride and luxury. White represents gender neutrality, peace and self actualization.

The second flag, made by Twitter user Sonicrocks_152, was posted on October 11, 2020[2] and it has five stripes.

Coral represents one's heart, which are huge and filled with love, compassion and playfulness. Light salmon represents being Miaspec. Hot Pink represents pride, being proud and loud. Cornflower blue represents love for one's friends and family, found family included. Royal blue representing kindness.

The third flag is a slightly altered version of Sonicrocks_152's flag made by Twitter user maxpawb on October 11, 2020[3]. It includes two variants: one with a brown mane and one with a pink mane.

Fandom user VoxelDraqon created two liongender flags based on the colors of the original flag on August 7, 2021[4].