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File:Locogender HD.webp
The locogender flag.

Locogender is a xenogender in which one feels connected to a location or place in some way. This could be feeling as though one's gender is connected to that place, is like that place, is that place, has the aesthetic of that place, etc. The connection one feels to said place is up to their interpretation, and one does not have to have ever been there to feel said location. Examples of possible locations are: outdoor environments, buildings, rooms, roads, cities, states, countries, planets, etc. This could be a real location or a fictional location or even a place made up by the individual. It can be combined with other genders (locogirl, locoboy, locononbinary, etc.)


Locogender was coined by fandom users Cottagecoreconfusion and Alex on November 9th, 2020 to help describe Cottagecoreconfusion's gender experience.


The flag was created by Cottagecoreconfusion. Blue represents masculinity. Pink represents femininity. Yellow represents neutrality. Orange represents locogender being a personal gender. Green represents natural environments. White represents, buildings, roads, cars, etc. and environments in general.