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What Is MOGAI?

MOGAI is an acronym that stands for Marginalized Orientations, Gender Alignments and Intersex (sometimes edited to be MOGII: Marginalized Orientations, Gender Identities, and Intersex). The intention was to coin a simpler acronym for people who aren't straight/cis/perisex which could be used instead of longer acronyms like LGBTQIAP+ or acronyms with harmful origins like GSM/GSRM. The acronym was created in (approximately) 2015 by Tumblr user cisphobeofficial, but since then has spread to numerous other sites and offline discussions. "MOGAI" is commonly used as an adjective to describe neolabels - labels that are newer - and often in a mocking fashion to mean labels one doesn't think are valid. Read more:

Getting Started

Intimidated by Miraheze? We understand! Read our Rules to start. More specific help is detailed in the sections below.


We suggest looking over the following:

  • Miraheze FAQ (What is Miraheze?)
  • MediaWiki Help (How to edit, insert links, cite sources, etc)
  • Preferences (Customizing your user experience)
  • Editing Guide
  • We also highly suggest new editors make themselves a Sandbox page. This is a page you can use to edit however you want, which can be used to test edits or hold in-progress work before you put it on the real page.

How Do I...

  • Upload an image?
  1. Please make sure you check out our image standards. We ask that you follow these as best as you can - This helps our Wiki stay organized!
  2. Please categorize all images as "Image." Please categorize anything uploaded to use on your profile with "Profile Decor."
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  • Create a new page?
  1. Check our Guide category. These pages are made to be guides for how we'd like different kinds of pages to be formatted. You can even hit "Edit source," copy all the text within a Guide, close your edit to the Guide without changing anything, and then paste the text into your new page to start with! From there, edit everything accordingly.
  2. Click here to create a new page.
  • Customize my profile?
  1. Our Wiki uses SocialProfile. This is a Miraheze extension we use here, which incorporates a social profile, user board, and basic profile info into MediaWiki, specifically avatars, befriending, foeing, user board, board blast, user levels rank system, awards and gifts. It also notifies users via email when other users request them as a friend or foe and/or sends them a message.
  2. Click here to see guides.
  3. Click here to edit your SocialProfile. We suggest using the profile features to mention your pronouns, what gendered terms you're comfortable with being called, and any important boundaries that might be relevant. It isn't necessary (or recommended) to fill in every detail about yourself, especially if you're younger. (Read more about internet safety tips here.)


Wiki Links

  • Meet Our Mods: All of our Mod Staff's information is hosted here, please take a look at what each of us deals with.
  • Join The Discord: Join our Discord for the quickest updates, along with chatting channels about MOGAI, plurality, art, music, food, and Discord bot games.

Off Wikia

  • Tone Indicators: Tone indicators are an internet shorthand to help display tone. It can be difficult for someone to understand exactly what you meant in online conversations. These aren't mandatory, but are suggested.
  • Otherkin & Alterhumanity: MOGAI Wiki is focused solely on MOGAI and things directly related to it, not being otherkin, but you may encounter users who are otherkin or terms that relate to it.
  • Plurality & Systems: Similar to the above topic, our Wiki isn't equipped for education about plurality, but you may encounter plural users or terms exclusive to plurals.