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Masculine (shortened to masc) is an adjective/adverb that refers to the act of having, or showing qualities associated with, masculinity - a set of behaviors, presentations, and roles which were/are typically culturally associated with being a man.

Genders that are associated with masculinity include: MINgenders, proxvir, phoebian, and demimasculine, among others. Not all individuals with masculine genders will present masculinely, and not all individuals who present masculinely have a masculine gender. Individuals of any gender or sexual orientation can present as masculine, but those who are assigned male at birth often experience societal pressure to do so. Individuals who are AFAB and have a masculine gender or masculine gender presentation may be called transmasculine.

Equivelent terms include feminine, xenine, and others.

The exact qualities associated with masculinity are different based on the culture and time period. Qualities that are typically associated with masculinity in western society include:

  • Physical strength, power and confidence.
  • Bravery, stoicism, and determination.
  • Assertiveness, aggression, and social independence.
  • Mechanical instincts and a desire to solve problems.
  • A gender expression which includes wearing pants, having short hair, having facial/body hair, and/or having visible muscles.
  • A gender expression which includes using he/him pronouns.


The masculine flag was designed by imoga-pride on December 17, 2018.[1] The flag's color meaning are currently unknown. The alternate masculine flag was designed by Wikia FANDOM user kirbirb on January 7th, 2021. The flag's color meanings are currently unknown.

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