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Mimesigender is a gender related to memes.

Alternate Names

  • Memegender


"Mimesigedender" is from Greek “mimeisthai,” which means “to imitate” and is the origin of “mimeme,” the word “meme” came from.[1]



  • definition: “when u could care less ab gender but hey memes sure are neat”! as further explained, “for nb people who rly couldnt give a fuck about gender and just like pissing off truscum bc usually those ppl use memes in order to convey their sarcasm and shit” - yuukuwano via MOGAI-Archive, July 23rd, 2014[2]
  • An agender identity influenced by memes! The stars and circles represent the quick fun nature of memes. Various memes from different time periods represent that all kinds of memes can influence this gender. - all-prides-matter, June 28th, 2018[3]
  • An umbrella term for any xenogender that is connected to meme culture or a specific meme, such as ironicgender, floppagender, and amogusgender. Memegender can also be a separate term to describe someone's connection to memes in general. It is specifically meant for neurodivergent individuals who have different experiences with their gender, but can be used by neurotypical people too. - FANDOM user Unfunny person420 on March 30, 2021[4]
  • A gender genuinely related to memes in some fashion. This could be meme culture specifically, perhaps an aesthetic connection to internet nostalgia, or a relation to a specific meme. “Memegender” has been “coined,” as in there are two joking/troll examples of it, so I wanted to make a genuine version after finding a few terms that would fit under “a meme related gender”. - Ezgender, April 22nd, 2021[1]


"Memegender" has been coined multiple times, with at least two not appearing to be serious, the 2018 coining being from a troll blog, but the term has also been used seriously.[4] "Mimesigender" was an attempt at recoining/redefining the term in a more serious manner and can be used interchangeably.[1]




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