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Moviegender is a gender only felt when watching movies, or in some way connected to movies. The suffixes -movian and -filmic may be used for Moviegenders.

Alternate Names


  • Showgender:  A gender only felt when watching shows, or in some way connected shows. The label can be altered to be a specific show. - Just-A-MOGAI-Blog, 2018[2]
  • A gender that feels similar to a movie- your gender may feel reminiscent of a plot structure, such as it having a climax, when it feels most intense, or other similar things. This label can be a gender in itself or can be used to describe how you experience a gender. This may also feel connected to specific movie genres! - Paws-Pride-Storage, 2019[1]


Showgender was originally coined by Just-A-MOGAI-Blog in 2019[2], however it was recoined by Paws-Pride-Storage in October of 2019.[1]

Related Terms


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