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The multiflux flag.

Multiflux is an umbrella term to describe someone who is genderflux with multiple genders. The genders may fluctuate independently from each other or their fluctuations may be connected in some way. Multiflux includes the terms bigenderflux (two genders), trigenderflux (three genders), quadgenderflux (four genders), polyflux (many genders), and omnigenderflux/pangenderflux (all genders or most genders imaginable) and nonbinaryflux (between binary transgender and nonbinary). Those who do not fit into one of those labels can use the term multiflux as a specific label. Multiflux is a form of multigender.


The term was created on or before March 28, 2018 by Vividals on the gender wiki. The flag was created by the same person on April 15, 2018.‎[1] The flag and colours has no specific or known meaning.