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Neuter is an unlabeled experience similar to neutrois or gender-neutral. It's different in the sense that one refuses to define oneself under a gender term.[1]


Yet neuter is described as a grammatical gender parallel with/to masculine and feminine,[2] it's not commonly used as a gender identity or experience, therefore neuter is equiparable to both none and neither.

It can also be a translation of the Portuguese neolingual term neutre, which is an othergender balancing positive, negative, and null, hence it's adherently a gender quality, that is essentially not presentational.[3]


Neutering can also mean to castrate, remove the genitals from a being, most commonly associated with male dogs.[4] Its human equivalent can be nullification[5] or emasculation, including penectomy/phallectomy in PWHP, orchiectomy/testectomy/scrotectomy, ovariectomy/oophorectomy in Pwibs, vaginectomy/vulvectomy in PWHV, and clitorectomy.[6]