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Pangender is a type of multigender in which someone experiences all genders. It is a non-binary gender that refers to a vast and diverse amount of genders in the same individual that can extend infinitely. A pangender individual can either experience these genders at the same time or they may be fluid between them. The intensity of their gender(s) may also fluctuate.

Because the term pangender is very expansive and unspecific, it could have several different definitions depending on the individual, including:

  • Someone who has a very large amount of genders (to the point where there's too many to count).
  • Someone who is all known genders.
  • Someone whose gender experience goes way beyond the known genders.
  • Someone who has an infinite amount of genders.
  • Someone who has one all-encompassing gender.

When referring to all genders this only includes genders in one's own culture and life experience. One cannot identify as ethnic genders outside their own culture, as those gender require a connection to and knowledge of that culture, and it's impossible for one to spend their life in all cultures.

Sometimes individuals use pangender to refer to not caring about gender/how others view them.

Flags and Symbols

The pangender flag was designed by pangendering on Tumblr on January 28, 2015.[1] Two flags were created at this time, and the colors hold the same meanings. The colors are very bright so that they represent the multiplicity of genders (because white light is a combination of all colors). Yellow represents all genders that are not related to female and male (abinary). Light red represents the transition to genders that are related to female and male. Light pink represents the combination of female and male. White represents the blend of all genders. Both flags are based on the agender flag.

An alternate pride flag was submitted on September 28, 2020 by Reddit user helpme0519.[2] The colors of the flag share similar meanings to the pansexual flag. Blue and pink represent the binary genders. Yellow represents genders that fall outside of the binary. White represents tranquility with being accepting of all.

The pangender symbol was created by an unknown individual. The symbol appears to be a combination of the androgyne symbol (which itself is a combination of the female and male symbols), showing that one is all female/feminine genders, male/masculine genders, and genders that are a combination of masculine and feminine; the non-binary symbol, showing that one is all non-binary genders, particularly abinary genders; and the agender symbol, showing that genderlessness can be included as well.


The Greek prefix "pan" refers to "everything" or "all."


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