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File:Prounoun sexuality .png
The pronounsexual flag.
File:Soft aesthetic .png
Alternate version of the pronounsexual flag.
Pronounsexual or Pronosexual is an umbrella term for people who are exclusively attracted to people who use certain pronouns. For example, someone who is only attracted to people who use she/her pronouns. Some pronounsexual identities include hesexual, shesexual, theysexual, xesexual, itsexual, among others. This term has nothing to do with the person's gender, and can be used independently, or with another orientation.

This may or may not overlap with them being conceptum, as they may be attracted to the pronouns themself along with the person, however this is not a requirement.


This term was coined by Victinibeing22 on November 18th, 2020.[citation needed]


The pronounsexual flag was created by wiki user RoseWatera on the 19th of November 2020. The blue represents attraction those who use he/him pronouns. The purple represents attraction those who use xe pronouns. The magenta represents feeling romantic attraction to those who use she/her pronouns. The orange represents attraction those who use ze pronouns. The yellow represents attraction those who use they/them pronouns. And finally, the white is for being attracted to any other pronouns.