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This article is about Robogender. You may be looking for Robotgender or Botgender.

Robogender is a gender related to, connected to, attached to, or aligned with robots, machines, AIs, androids, or mechs. It can also refer to a gender that is robotic, a neurogender of someone neurodivergent who feels as if they are robotic, a kingender related to being robotkin, a gender related to being an alterhuman robot, or being a robot or machine.

Alternate Names


"Robo-" from robot + "gender"


  • Phonetic: rowbow-jender
  • IPA: /ˈɹoʊboʊˌdʒɛndɚ/


  • robogender is a term used by people who feel like theyre deeply attached to robots gender-wise! - R0B0KITTY, 2020[1]
  • robogender is a xenogender based off of robots, technology, and things like that [...] nearly anyone can use it but i prefer if neurotypicals dont use it - R0B0KITTY, 2021[2]
  • here’s another i made!!! [robogender][6] is specifically 4 ppl who feel a bit robotic and take comfort in it !
    this flag and gender was heavily inspired by my experiences with kinning a robot to cope with my way of functioning as a neurodivergent and i thought i’d combine the two!! i’d appreciate it if only nd folks used this as well,,
    - mossysn0t, 2020[7]
  • for ppl who feel a bit robotic and take comfort in it ! (for neurodivergent people only!) - (attributed to stonerkomaeda, aka mossysn0t), 2020[8]
  • Robotgender!! Its when you feel a super strong connection to robots!! Think, robots like, DBH - DaMoonSystem, 2020[9]
  • Robotgender
    -Anyone who identifies as robot, cyborg, mecha, or android, and typically those who wish to transition using tech enhancements or just identify as such.
    - Chesnutt335, 2020[10]
  • robogender: a gender label for either neurodivergent people who “feel a bit robotic and take pride in it” (often due to how robot characters in media are portrayed with neurodivergent traits), or people who generally feel robotic gender-wise (e.g. i view my gender sort of like software/programming). - t4tchucky, 2020[11]
  • Robogender is for people who’s gender identity aligns with machines/robots/androids/mechs/AIs. Our gender experience is not confined to or outside of the binary. - tricksterbae, 2021[3]
  • hi i made a robotogender flag for when ur gender is related to robots - p1nheadz via genderfunnyguy, 2021[5][12]
  • Robogender: a gender identity that aligns with machines/robots/androids/mechs/AIs [Original Coiner Is Unknown, Flag Is Made By Genderfunnyguy On Tumblr!] - x.wolfiehoards.x, 2022[13]
  • Robogender/RobocharicGender! A gender that’s connected/related to Robots and/or robot characters! This gender could be related to stereotypical robots or just any robot! (May also be related to robotics but doesn’t have to be) - Mod Moxxie of Xenogender_Otd, 2022[14]





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Some flags had additional meaning given in the coining post as text.
[robogender people] can feel feminine, masculine, or any other way and still be robogender! thats what the blue, pink, and white lines are for!!
— R0B0KITTY, 2020[1]

that being said here’s the meanings
purple: bots don’t have the social skills most have, and that’s okay! we might take things literally or misunderstand but that’s okay.
sky blue: learning and exploring! along w learning social skills we have things we’re interested in n love to learn and explore more abt them!!
white: everyone is welcome!!
dark blue: there’s alway room for improvement, to make progress! with what we learn and talk about, we can make our future hopeful !!
light blue: beep beep :3
— mossysn0t, 2020[7]

Yellow is to represent electricity, something that pulses through everyone

Red is the heart, that no matter how mechanical we may be we are still living

The greyscale represents the diversity of our community and that no matter your skin color you are valid and cared for 💜

— Chesnutt335 and EnbyBoiWife, 2020[10]

The colors represent different types of metal. Silver, steel, copper, bronze, gold, and (black) tungsten.
— tricksterbae, 2021[3]

the colors dont really have a meaning they are just what i associate robots with
— p1nheadz via genderfunnyguy, 2021[5][12]





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