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Zodiacgender is an umbrella term, referring to any gender that is related to a zodiac sign.




  • Zodiacgender is a catch-all gender term that is used to describe when one’s gender is related to a (or their specific) zodiac sign. - Pridearchive[1]
  • Zodiacgender is an umbrella term referring to any gender that is related to a zodiac sign. They can be xenogender but don't have to be. Zodiacgenders may take on the traits related to the zodiac sign or they can simply be related to that zodiac sign. One who identifies as a zodiacgender does not necessarily have to have that sign be dominant in them, however one may identify as a zodiacgender because of one, or multiple, of their zodiac signs heavily influencing how they experience gender. - LGBTA Wiki, 2021


On July 29th, 2014, Tumblr user Pridearchive made a post coining zodiacgender, including their hand-drawn design for its flag[1].

On February 20th, 2017, Pride-Flags on DeviantArt uploaded this flag, and included this in the description[2]:
*I'm going to be uploading some flags as-is until I'm able to make them in HQ or can find someone that can do it for me since my art skills aren't the best. I realized it was unfair not to include certain flags at all simply because I can't redraw them (yet). When I am able to redo them I'll update this submission with the new one and notify my watchers!
Over a year later on July 7th, 2018, twilight-moon-velvet on DeviantArt, having seen that there was no HD version of the design, made one and uploaded it[3].

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Pridearchive described the meaning of the flag design as follows[1]:

The flag colours have no meaning besides being similar to the night sky. The Symbols in a circle on the flag are the symbols of the zodiac, and the Stars in the black background of the flag are the zodiac constellations
— Pridearchive, Tumblr, 2014